Passion Is Key To Converting 

Luxury Land Lovers to Cruisers

By Chris Austin, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing & Sales

The simple fact is that cruise travelers produce the highest rate of repeat business in the industry. The exceptional quality and value of a Seabourn cruise, along with a nearly limitless variety of destinations, around the world and throughout the year, attracts our guests to sail with us again and again. To take advantage of that, why not convert your Luxury Land Lovers to Seabourn Cruisers?

The best way to sell a Luxury Land Lover a cruise is not to try to sell them a cruise. 

Instead, sell them experiences that resonate with their known passion points. If your clients are devotees of luxury spas, tell them you’ve found a resort with inclusive morning yoga and meditation classes by a Mindful Living Coach trained by the famous wellness expert Dr. Andrew Weil. Tell your foodie clients about a resort offering complimentary dining on cuisine inspired by Michelin-starred Chef Thomas Keller. Tell history buffs about added insights and access to World Heritage Sites available through an exclusive partnership with UNESCO. All without ever saying the word cruise.

Tell them the resort you’re suggesting is located somewhere they’ve told you they’d like to see; that its accommodations are all exquisitely appointed, ocean-front suites, that guests there enjoy extraordinary, award-winning service, great live entertainment and complimentary fine wines, premium spirits, caviar and Champagne. 

As a finale, highlight the resort’s all-inclusive value, including any Seabourn promotional offers. Now, when you reveal the Seabourn voyage you’d suggest for them, you can reiterate how it clearly meets every wish they have for a dream vacation – on an all-inclusive, ultra-luxury resort that just happens to be at sea.

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"The best way to a sell a Luxury Land Lover a cruise is not to try to sell them a cruise. Instead, sell them experiences that resonate with their known passion points."

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Chris Austin

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing & Sales

Chris has been a Senior Vice President at Seabourn, the world’s top luxury cruise line, since 2017 but brings over 30 years of experience working with travel advisors to the table. His big focuses are overall marketing efforts, brand management, sales and public relations.

Chris knows how important advisors are in the sales process, and will be providing tips in Chris' Corner for you on how to drive your sales and commissions!